How to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds and Aluminum Venetian Blinds: Tips and Tricks

Venetian blinds looks both elegant and beautiful to be utilized in your house or office. That is why many people choose it to be placed in their places. However, some people may wonder how to clean wooden Venetian blinds and aluminum Venetian blind in easy way and without damaging the materials.

Tools.  Here are some tools which must be prepared before cleaning Venetian blinds: a vacuum cleaner or blow dryer, a couple of clean cloth, hand dish washing liquid and warm water. You may think how those stuffs can work without any help of professional blind cleaning services. But do not worry, here are the tips and trick how toclean wooden venetian blinds and aluminum venetian blind.

Cleaning wood Venetian blinds. In cleaning wood Venetian blinds, you may be worried of damaging the material. Of course you cannot be reckless with it. First, open all louvers almost all the way up, put few squirt of dishwashing liquid into the cloth, and then wipe it to the surface of the wood blind. Work thoroughly to clean it since it has many small holes, especially the eyelet holes which may keep many dust.

Remember not to scrub it too hard and energetically, since you may remove the surface design or color of your wood venetian blinds.

If you are done with one side, tilt the blinds all the way down, and clean it again thoroughly.

Cleaning aluminum Venetian blinds.   For aluminum Venetian blinds, vacuum or blow dry the blinds regularly. Especially if you have pets, you have to concern with its hair. You can use pet brush to clean the hair which litter your aluminum blinds.

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